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the day the snow melted

  the day the snow melted came about when a satisfied sun awoke from its winter’s hibernation and shed the woolen sweater it stubbornly wore the past few months   just like that: cold one day . . .  60 degrees the next heavy bulky coats one day . . . snug, thin-strap tank-tops the next   a southern tent…

I kept looking

I kept looking. Kept, rummaging through the garbage: Sifting my fingers delicately around the soiled remnants, trying to avoid touching the reek emitting from a depleted milk carton that seemed obsessed in vying for my attention. Pawing around, expecting results: Fully aware that I didn’t even really remember when I tossed it away. Tipping the container slightly in the opposite direction,…


CUPS . . .   Even women take notice of them you know! So don’t stand there preaching your sermon too me, don’t stand there in your two sizes to big sweatshirt pretending you don’t have any.   Christ girl, we know they are there. We’ve always known!   Why do you think we wake up? Why do you think we work?…

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a “non-traditional” job

a “non-traditional” job  was notated as employment wished for   [as] if –   cubicles and assembly-lines are somehow traditional?     …………………………………   WHO . . . invented [those] traditions WHO . . . decided that legalized-slavery is worth passing down from generation to generation HOW . . . did WE allow “non-traditional” to become an ODD instead of…

so I thought . . .


why can’t I masturbate -


ordered the double cheeseburger



I drove past the line of cars awaiting “legal” self-pleasuring –



least my thought  . . . is healthy!

 {s.s. – 2015}




and so it began . . .

and so it began – this second installment of my life   occurring:   without fanfare, or truly any life-altering epic moment of dramatic effect which would forever be imprinted upon the mind   rather it was just this weird, quiet, 2 a.m. realization that the first part had completed its run, while the second [well] why the second –…

prozac- obituary

  PROZAC –   You met your first one in grade school. Come on, think back, you recall now don’t you? That strange kid seated in the 2nd row, 3rd back from the teacher. You remember which one, [that one] who was always drawing some futuristic object, always talking about some weird idea to change the world.   I met my…

appreciate the moment

appreciate the moment absorb into the skin: views seen, sights smelled [feel] wordless chatter – sentences freely constructed [of] energy random melting into your thoughts, elegantly embracing your bare-soul     appreciate the moment  unrehearsed untamed untouched   appreciate the moment  touch freely – natures beauty as [its] shyness abates, silently exposing: sensual freedom [exuberant] energy bursting upon thoughts left exposed, elegantly…

pure in stride

pure in stride I run barefoot – silent and free past footprints vaguely detectable [fading] in the rising sun arresting holds of uncertainty released into a warming breeze surrendering brilliantly into a tango pulsating within body and mind     pure in form I run barefoot – unrestricted, uninhibited, uncontrolled aligned amongst hours attached on the wind, time relaxes altering attitude, letting-go silent in its…

by the grace

“by the Grace of god, I was not on that plane!” was reported and no one questions, no one replies:   “what about the poor bastards ON the plane, where the fuck did their Grace go?”   this god loves you yet this god fucks your neighbor?   you survive . . . they die   Grace is funny that way . . .  they burn,…

so [this] is living

so [this] is living? living a life breathing – decision-ed air revised soil evaporating flesh: pale plain processed as   radiant rays [rebuked] return reflective radiation . . . remorseful for trying      

living ~ is a run of thoughts 


of laces binding



destination . . .  

{s.s – 2013}

barefoot through mud

below, you will find a “re-post” of a blog I wrote a number of months ago. after running nearly 6 miles yesterday on muddy wet, slippery cold – beautifully squishy trails that seeped fascinating goo between my toes . . . I could not better describe the experience, than I had once before:     pure in stride, I run…

the moment you settle

for who you are


which you can become ~

ceases to breathe . . .

{s.s. – 2015}

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isn’t it strange

isn’t it strange – how difficult simple companionship actually is? we spend our lives being taught/told to achieve, to get-ahead, to acquire wealth and material security [yet] the simpleness of human interaction and friendship: companionship – eludes most, as we’ve forgotten the basics of who we are as a species isn’t it strange – how difficult a simple walk actually is?…