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everything in life that ever was – is no longer

so live







unknown- thus open to possibilities, never imagined

{s.s- 2015}


  where- does it lie, those “terms of agreement” within our sprinting thoughts that, “contract” bound silently at 2:37 AM within the dominate voice you hear   when- does it arise, those “absolutes” within our best intentions that, “affirmation” sealed secretly at 10:19 AM within the higher power you hear   how- does it breathe, those “resolutions” within our daily…


when words dissipate . . .

when- words dissipate, you simply allow them time to find their way allowing them to: regenerate revamp recharge   when- they return, you simply thank them for honoring their way     so thank you- words they and I . . .  are again- united


spell-it out

spell-it out    I’ve been told – [as] within the details [truth] summons higher-ground. within the details [fact] outlines “the-way” easily followed. within the details [structure] pours foundations solid – I’ve been told.   spell-it out   I’ve been told – arrange letters [pre-cast], letters en-slaved, letters rigid in formation, letters recognized [as] we’ve always seen them.   spell-it out…


they: jiggle

they: jiggle, dancing to a unique interpretation dancing choreographed to each body from which the curtain [may] rise . . . to a selected audience they: are distortions to the male brain [these] mounds of flesh spiraling black n` white lines directing our eyes to the center of their gravitational pull in which we scramble to retrieve our x-ray vision…

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have a thought

have a thought –   [it] can be YOURS it is quite alright [you know] to have a thought that is truly of YOUR – thought   to be led  is NOT your future is NOT your purpose is NOT your design yet – so many [so] easily seek the answer seeking the way the path the enlightenment   its…

fuck the pebble

dropped into the pond causing slow ripples of change




drop a boulder 


create a WAVE today! 

{s.s. – 2015}


see beyond tomorrow

see beyond tomorrow and breathe it today   see inside the confusion and unveil treasured paths   see within the blackness and smile in brilliant colors   see expectations of yesterday and dance with realities choice   see within your sadness and let loose timid joy   see boundaries of the night and illuminate brilliance of day   see limits…

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dawn advances

dawn advances intention:   thunder wind rain – exposing gap between contentment and chaos   dawn continues intention:   beans mortified incandescent glowing apple – acknowledging Darwin via rhythms   dawn establishes intention:   and I emerge – aware . . .


I’M tired of being told the way – which is tired of speech engaged in your fucking weather tired of classes outlining lines lined-up by lines tired of salvation preached by christians fearing life and even more tired listening to atheists join their kind joining to belong – as they [all] fear life cowards all all seeking to belong all huddling…

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destroy the alarm

destroy the alarm programmed to conform that alarm YOU set to precision – incessantly correct   barren earth awaits your scheduled arrival as – each breath you expel is in preparation for the last with the last expelled prior to ever living   tradition tells you too sweat, to set your clock to another master’s time: a time lived –…

the day the snow melted

  the day the snow melted came about when a satisfied sun awoke from its winter’s hibernation and shed the woolen sweater it stubbornly wore the past few months   just like that: cold one day . . .  60 degrees the next heavy bulky coats one day . . . snug, thin-strap tank-tops the next   a southern tent…

I kept looking

I kept looking. Kept, rummaging through the garbage: Sifting my fingers delicately around the soiled remnants, trying to avoid touching the reek emitting from a depleted milk carton that seemed obsessed in vying for my attention. Pawing around, expecting results: Fully aware that I didn’t even really remember when I tossed it away. Tipping the container slightly in the opposite direction,…


CUPS . . .   Even women take notice of them you know! So don’t stand there preaching your sermon too me, don’t stand there in your two sizes to big sweatshirt pretending you don’t have any.   Christ girl, we know they are there. We’ve always known!   Why do you think we wake up? Why do you think we work?…

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a “non-traditional” job

a “non-traditional” job  was notated as employment wished for   [as] if –   cubicles and assembly-lines are somehow traditional?     …………………………………   WHO . . . invented [those] traditions WHO . . . decided that legalized-slavery is worth passing down from generation to generation HOW . . . did WE allow “non-traditional” to become an ODD instead of…