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there is no genre

there is no genre – no thing I don’t have what you ask   see ~ I write from reality [it] whispers sweet-nothings in my brain whispers charming rants – salutations my dear friend: “who are you” “what do you do” “where are you from”   [“when” – wasn’t forgotten]   and ~ the bird chirped [its] praise through the…

what if -

  what if –   you are wrong:   your “facts” arriving [from]  the stick-up-the-ass   did you ever stop [stop] to smell               smelling ~ from whence your “facts” arrived


time, efficiency, mass-production . . . at the least possible cost   living –  has now become scheduled: as watch’s clocking breathes, dictate success or failure and “more, more, more” rams beats of blood, pumping you along . . . hurrying you . . . to return to the schedule which you are rushing to escape!   as from the…


red ~ harmonizing

  red harmonizing  –     darker grey lighter   red balancing –    vision scent thought   red encircling –   tender grasp held   highlighting in red – legs ~ long waist ~ firm hair ~ released

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undress the unknown

undress the unknown ~ embrace the untamed {s.s. – 2015}   BREATHE …   pause, imagine, wonder . . .   as you   feel vibrations within each sense freed feel existence pounding, shattering your shell liberating abstract impressions into destinations without borders {s.s. – 2015}


are we truly [just] about – isolation? isolation: this insatiable need to fence-in, block-off, lock-up, every aspect of our lives. homes surrounded by faux-wood fortresses and moats electronic – moats surveying their recorded surveillance: making sure our lives are isolated, insuring that “community”  is limited to those who meet the neighborhood-association preset standards. isolation – hugs, touch, feel, regulated to…

unplugged barefoot

barefoot – unplugged

connected they arrive – wired into [that] which they seek escape   connected they run – velcro shackles tight [reminders] they are: targeted marketed projected   sold – on a concept, a belief, a truth purely invented by growth-earnings sought   connected they run – running to their masters-beat {s.s. – 2014}   . . . Prior to responses suggesting…


often, we fear – to be original. fearful, of actually standing-out, fearful of “others” taking notice of who/what we choose to be, or, believe ourselves to-be. most are raised in a duality-mode: raised/told to be “anybody” you want to be, YET, instilled upon [those] words spoken, laced in each breath absorbed: a chastising heed NOT to be different, to play…

Cropped Art

just be!

“how do you describe yourself?” –  ME “what is your Art?” –  ME “who are your influences?” –  ME “who inspired you?” –  ME . . . simplistic replies encompassing ALL that is – ME simplistic replies given to minds unable to understand the enormity of the reply – replied . . . feel free to just be YOU! feel…

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barefoot – feet bare

I am a mutation of an expectation I am: Because I thought. I thought: Because I sought. I sought: Because I heard. I heard: Because I listened. I listened: Because I cared.   I cared: Because I choose.   I choose: Because I breathe.   I breathe: Because I love.   I love: Because I live.   I live: Because…