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when you eliminate

the need for answers, you

no longer remain confined


their conclusions

{s.s. – 2015}

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  truth goose-stepping to confinements past positions impose, saluting the flag of tradition, suppressing imagination destroying realism   truth air of liberation, strength of self: owning desires, recoiling whips of desolation, reveling in enlightenment that YOU are master   attacks advance, truth: that civil-war within our convictions   combat truth: questions expose, victory assert

across the street . . .

open water, wonderment in its vastness [skipping] along its shore, wading in its warm shallows   laughs giggles freedom future   5 minutes ago it was just a puddle across the street   a 5 year old can change all that . . .


me, myself and possibly . . . I

being asked- why I’ve never had a “real” job, it occurred [it] being a thought that a meeting need be held, a meeting of minds, a melding of motions, a mandatory maneuver motioning minutes-   a meeting to be held, a meeting of:   ME MYSELF and quite possibly, I   myself- “why are we here” I- “is it over…

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playing doctor

  just never  considered myself to be real smart   when interest smacked me- then grades revealed some brain activity   just never could understand why, why you couldn’t just learn   why grades defined intelligence why puking up rhetorical answers deemed one superior why GPA determined your position in life   just never  grasped why you couldn’t JUST-BE, be whoever…

but a plow-horse

but a plow-horse is all you’ve become   unbroken, unwieldy, unbridled you began- strength, speed, sprite you began- fun, free, fancy you began   but a plow-horse is all you’ve become   to roam to venture to explore- you began to run to walk to stride [easy]- you began to breathe to absorb to express- you began   but a plow-horse is all you’ve…

poetry’s eulogy

did you know O starry night- “O Starry Night” or so it goes   did you feel O starry night- “O Starry Night” or so it goes   did you desire O starry night- “O Starry Night” or maybe you didn’t . . . as   “Reality TV” flickered instead-   a sure sign you know that “O Starry Night” is…

“the american-way”

bred to consume, consume to breed, livestock [human], nothing more, than “the american-way”   pastured within convenience, endless grazing: plastic, processed, pre-packaged abundance, livestock [human], nothing more, than “the american-way”   consume consumer, consume!   “the american-way”

time . . . lost

stretches of time hours attached on the wind- they blow by felt yet routine constant yet unnoticed more or less gone, never to return   events held, life’s stories enacted in the varying temperature passing through cracks in our sheltered lives   you sense yesterday passing today you’re aware tomorrow will become yesterday and yet you remain standing-still [just] bending…

middle-class war

Submission – is his war the enemy he tries to drink away the excuse to fuck the brunette falling off her bar stool     Acceptance – is her war the tyrant she tries to drink away the reason to fuck the business-suit ordering “another round”   acceptance submission   fucking on-top the bed of diminishing returns humping-out the rancid…

fuck the pebble

dropped into the pond causing slow ripples of change




drop a boulder 


create a WAVE today! 

{s.s. – 2015}

see beyond tomorrow

  see beyond tomorrow and breathe it today   see inside the confusion and unveil treasured paths   see within the blackness and smile in brilliant colors   see expectations of yesterday and dance with realities choice   see within your sadness and let loose timid joy   see boundaries of the night and illuminate brilliance of day   see…

so I thought . . .


why can’t I masturbate –


ordered the double cheeseburger



I drove past the line of cars awaiting “legal” self-pleasuring –



least my thought  . . . is healthy!

 {s.s. – 2015}



appreciate the moment

appreciate the moment absorb into the skin: views seen, sights smelled [feel] wordless chatter – sentences freely constructed [of] energy random melting into your thoughts, elegantly embracing your bare-soul     appreciate the moment  unrehearsed untamed untouched   appreciate the moment  touch freely – natures beauty as [its] shyness abates, silently exposing: sensual freedom [exuberant] energy bursting upon thoughts left exposed, elegantly…

pure in stride

pure in stride I run barefoot – silent and free past footprints vaguely detectable [fading] in the rising sun arresting holds of uncertainty released into a warming breeze surrendering brilliantly into a tango pulsating within body and mind     pure in form I run barefoot – unrestricted, uninhibited, uncontrolled aligned amongst hours attached on the wind, time relaxes altering attitude, letting-go silent in its…