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living is simply


run of thoughts






destination or justification  . . .  s.s. – 2015

fuck the pebble

dropped into the pond causing slow ripples of change




drop a boulder 


create a WAVE today! 

{s.s. – 2015}


see beyond tomorrow

see beyond tomorrow and breathe it today   see inside the confusion and unveil treasured paths   see within the blackness and smile in brilliant colors   see expectations of yesterday and dance with realities choice   see within your sadness and let loose timid joy   see boundaries of the night and illuminate brilliance of day   see limits…

appreciate the moment

appreciate the moment absorb into the skin: views seen, sights smelled [feel] wordless chatter – sentences freely constructed [of] energy random melting into your thoughts, elegantly embracing your bare-soul     appreciate the moment  unrehearsed untamed untouched   appreciate the moment  touch freely – natures beauty as [its] shyness abates, silently exposing: sensual freedom [exuberant] energy bursting upon thoughts left exposed, elegantly…

pure in stride

pure in stride I run barefoot – silent and free past footprints vaguely detectable [fading] in the rising sun arresting holds of uncertainty released into a warming breeze surrendering brilliantly into a tango pulsating within body and mind     pure in form I run barefoot – unrestricted, uninhibited, uncontrolled aligned amongst hours attached on the wind, time relaxes altering attitude, letting-go silent in its…

living ~ is a run of thoughts 


of laces binding



destination . . .  

{s.s – 2013}

barefoot through mud

below, you will find a “re-post” of a blog I wrote a number of months ago. after running nearly 6 miles yesterday on muddy wet, slippery cold – beautifully squishy trails that seeped fascinating goo between my toes . . . I could not better describe the experience, than I had once before:     pure in stride, I run…

the moment you settle

for who you are


which you can become ~

ceases to breathe . . .

{s.s. – 2015}

isn’t it strange

  isn’t it strange – how difficult simple companionship actually is? we spend our lives being taught/told to achieve, to get-ahead, to acquire wealth and material security [yet] the simpleness of human interaction and friendship: companionship – eludes most, as we’ve forgotten the basics of who we are as a species isn’t it strange – how difficult a simple walk actually…

barefoot – through time unrushed

barefoot ~ through time unrushed – occurs [remembrance] of form innate of balance of movement-free: that everyone can experience . . .   slow down you’ve been there before so why rush to get back   reduce down you’ve had it before so why crave more   simple down you’ve had it before so why replay it again   speed…


red ~ harmonizing

  red harmonizing  –     darker grey lighter   red balancing –    vision scent thought   red encircling –   tender grasp held   highlighting in red – legs ~ long waist ~ firm hair ~ released

undress the unknown

  undress the unknown ~ embrace the untamed {s.s. – 2015}   BREATHE …   pause, imagine, wonder . . .   as you   feel vibrations within each sense freed feel existence pounding, shattering your shell liberating abstract impressions into destinations without borders {s.s. – 2015}


are we truly [just] about – isolation? isolation: this insatiable need to fence-in, block-off, lock-up, every aspect of our lives. homes surrounded by faux-wood fortresses and moats electronic – moats surveying their recorded surveillance: making sure our lives are isolated, insuring that “community”  is limited to those who meet the neighborhood-association preset standards. isolation – hugs, touch, feel, regulated to…

unplugged barefoot

barefoot – unplugged

connected they arrive – wired into [that] which they seek escape   connected they run – velcro shackles tight [reminders] they are: targeted marketed projected   sold – on a concept, a belief, a truth purely invented by growth-earnings sought   connected they run – running to their masters-beat {s.s. – 2014}   . . . Prior to responses suggesting…


often, we fear – to be original. fearful, of actually standing-out, fearful of “others” taking notice of who/what we choose to be, or, believe ourselves to-be. most are raised in a duality-mode: raised/told to be “anybody” you want to be, YET, instilled upon [those] words spoken, laced in each breath absorbed: a chastising heed NOT to be different, to play…